Cedric Vidal

Principal AI šŸ¤– Advocate for Startups šŸ¦„ @ Microsoft šŸš€

Cedric Vidal is a Principal AI Advocate at Microsoft, specializing in Generative AI šŸ¤–, and the startup šŸš€ and research šŸ”¬ ecosystems. He is dedicated to promoting AI in startups and facilitating the transition of research and startup products to the market.

Before his current role, Cedric spent 4 years as an Engineering Manager in the AI data labeling space for the self-driving šŸš• industry at Argo AI (now re-spawned as Latitude AI). He also served as the CTO of the Fintech AI SAAS startup Quicksign and worked as a software engineering services consultant for major Fintech enterprises for 10 years.